• Ryder Farms implements the Canada GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), HACCP-based food safety program, which is recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiatives) and SFCR (Safe Food for Canadians Regulations) and are certified annually by an accredited third party auditor.



  • Ryder Farms is committed to performing our activities with integrity and respect in all aspects of our business, from being a grower, employer, business partner and community member.
  • Our responsibility to sustainability and providing safe produce are intrinsically inherent to the fact that the farm is not only our business, it is also our home,


  • Norfolk County is Ontario's Garden and its farmers are the number one growers of asparagus, cabbage, sour cherries, ginseng, other specialty vegetables, peppers, pumpkin, squash and zucchini, strawberries and sweet corn in CAnada.
  • Norfolk County grows more asparagus than any other region in Canada.
  • Norfolk is home to 70% of Ontario’s asparagus, making the area Canada’s top producer.

About Us

Ryder Farms is owned and operated by Jason and Jackie Ryder. The Ryder family has been deeply rooted in the sandy soils of Norfolk County for over 100 years: originally producing  tobacco and winter vegetables. Since taking over the farm in 2003, Jason and Jackie have preserved the integrity of the farm while continually expanding and diversifying to accommodate new and growing markets, implementing the most stringent food safety measures, operating substainably and producing exceptional quality produce.   

Today, Ryder Farms’ main commodities are asparagus, green onions, ginseng, brussel sprouts, hemp, tobacco, grains and oilseeds. However, Jason and Jackie are always looking for ways to improve, specialize and differentiate their farm from others. The addition of a new, efficient 32,000 sQ. ft. facility, built with focus on food safety and security technology,  allows them the opportunity to continue to grow, adapt and explore alternative crops.

Ryder Farms grows, harvests, grades, packs and ships the finest quallity produce to several major retailers including Costco, Loblaws and Sobey's as well as local independent grocery stores and farm markets.


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